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Steven Kowalczyk Santoro

Singer. Songwriter. Arranger. Producer.

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Steven Santoro's voice caresses the soul. [His] songs are the perfect fusion of contemporary jazz and popular music, coupled with technique, style, spirit and originality. 
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"Santoro's voice moved between strength and fragility with amazing ease, the fine line between beauty and pain, as Steven Santoro called it, was literally tangible." - Johannes Koch
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The New York Observer wrote, “He’s a wildly accomplished performer with a soulful intensity and movie-star sex appeal. [He] takes risks and lands on his feet every time.”


The New York Post said of Steven, “A Knockout – He radiates an appealing sense of joy.”

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"With impeccable intonation and phrasing, his voice navigates through various genres, is pliable, expressive, soft and emphatic without ever losing its natural sound. Santoro is a high caliber performer" [read more] - Intermezzo-Konzerte, Horst Engels

Jochen Berger of the Colburger Tageblatt writes "Standards like "The Thrill is gone" meet Santoro's own, often ballad-esk tinged pieces, which are included on the new CD "Deep in August". Especially the title song proves that Santoro as a composer also has the ability to write pieces with hit potential. Santoro's voice with its velvety soft timbre is wonderfully supple and versatile." [read more]

In Coburg Germany, the Neue Presse writes "His voice pulls you in from the very first moment." and "He either lets his voice soar through great melodic lines or whispers his desire into the microphone in a way that lets the audience fully feel the emotion."[read more]

As arranger/producer, All About Jazz writes, “Renowned Arranger Steven Santoro [has] a feel for mood, time and place [making] every turn of phrase feel right at home. His arrangements highlight organic attractions of love and personal expression, and with a translucence of effect that allows any listener’s interpretations to glow through.”

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